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2pack 37v 730mah Lipo Battery For V686 V686g V686k Drones

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2pack 37v 730mah Lipo Battery For V686 V686g V686k Drones - 1
2pack 37v 730mah Lipo Battery For V686 V686g V686k Drones  5,153.85 Original price was: ₱ 5,153.85. 2,010.00Current price is: ₱ 2,010.00.
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2pack 37v 730mah Lipo Rechargeable Batteries Compatible With V686 V686g V686k Drones

Bring new life to your V686, V686G, or V686K drones with these reliable and durable 37v 730mah Lipo batteries. Packaged in a set of two, these rechargeable batteries are designed to provide your drones with a steady and dependable power source, ensuring long-lasting flight times and optimal performance.

Made from original parts, these batteries are not only compatible with V686 series drones but also an excellent option for other remote-controlled toys and vehicles. The use of high-quality metal materials in the construction of these batteries guarantees longevity and robustness, ensuring they can withstand rigorous usage without compromising performance.

One of the defining features of these Lipo batteries is their assemblage attribute, which ensures an easy and hassle-free installation process. This means you can quickly replace your old or worn-out batteries without needing any technical expertise.

In addition to their practical usage, these batteries also offer a value of 10 in technical parameters. This indicates their high efficiency and power output, making them an ideal choice for your high-performance drones.

These batteries are perfect for those looking to enhance their drone flying experience. Whether you are a professional drone operator or a hobbyist, these batteries will ensure an uninterrupted and enjoyable flight experience. Elevate your drone performance today with these 37v 730mah Lipo batteries.

Remember, a smooth flight is just a battery change away!

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with V686, V686G, and V686K drones, providing a reliable and steady power source for optimal performance.
  • Comes in a 2-pack set, ensuring you always have a backup battery ready for use.
  • Made from high-quality metal materials for increased durability and long-lasting use.
  • Features an assemblage attribute for easy and hassle-free installation, eliminating the need for any technical expertise.
  • Offers a technical parameters value of 10, indicating high efficiency and power output for your high-performance drones.
  • Perfect for use with vehicles and remote control toys, expanding their playtime and enhancing their performance.
  • Can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences, providing a personalized user experience.
  • Ensures long-lasting flight times, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted and enjoyable drone flying experiences.
  • Easy to replace and install, making it a convenient option for both hobbyists and professional drone operators.
  • Highly efficient and powerful, these batteries are designed to meet the energy demands of your drone, ensuring smooth and stable flights.

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Vehicles & Remote Control Toys

Remote Control Peripherals/devices


Rc Parts & Accs

Batteries – Lipo

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Value 10

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